Zaha Hadid’s burnham pavilion, Chicago

Posted in architecture by danniisin on October 1, 2009


zaha hadid architects‘ burnham pavilion recently opened in millennium park, chicago as part of the burnham plan centennial celebrations. the pavilion is composed of an intricate curved aluminium structure, with fabric skins tightly zipped around the metal frame to create the curvilinear shape. the interior skin also serves as the screen for a video installation by thomas gray that explores chicago’s past and future.


all drawings courtesy of zaha hadid architects / © zaha hadid architects

designed and built for re-use after its role in milennium park, the pavilion can be re-installed at other sites. the burnham pavilions will be open and free to the public in millennium park through october 31, 2009. further information and details of the burnham plan centennial can be found here.

project credits
program: temporary pavilion to house multimedia installation
client: burnham plan centennial
architect: zaha hadid architects
local architect: thomas roszak
structural engineers: rockey structures
fabricator: fabric images
lighting & electrical: tracey dear
multimedia content: the gray circle


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