Diesel, only the brave films

Posted in Uncategorized by danniisin on April 20, 2009

[Exerpt from interview with director Legs, from]
How do you feel about the three films as the individual clips? How did you come up with the idea to have all three play at once tell a story together? Was this always the main idea?

Although all the films stand alone in their own way, the real magic appears when the films are played as a triptych. The triptych was always the main idea and we knew that the Heart and Nerve stories would serve as visual punctuation for what the center Mind piece was saying. It made a lot of sense to us that the Mind piece would be the conduit and narrate the whole piece, while Nerve and Heart served more as visual poems.

Project Title: Only the Brave /
Client: L’Oreal/ Diesel
Agency: Sub Rosa
Creative Director: Michael Ventura
Art Director: Bryan Hodge
Copywriter: Legs
Agency Producer: Brent Cheatham
Production Company: Legs
Director: Legs
Director of Photography: Scott Beardslee


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